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Tanning Tips


1. Use an indoor tanning lotion.
Lotions created for indoor tanning help you tan faster. In addition, they replace moisture lost while tanning and help maintain your tan. Many help reduce and combat the signs of aging (the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.) By using lotions you can tan faster in fewer sessions. Ask your SunCare professional for the lotion that’s best for your skin and your tanning goals.

2. Wear eye protection.
Use eye wear approved for indoor tanning. Contacts should be removed before tanning as well. Your eyes can dry out from tanning and so will your contacts, which can be uncomfortable.

3. Get your skin ready for a tropical vacation.
Before going on vacation is an excellent time to tan indoors. Get a base tan indoors first. It will help you minimize the chances for sunburn and overexposure.

4. Remember to moisturize between sessions.
Use a good moisturizer and a moisturizing shower or bath gel to prevent your skin from drying and to maintain your bronze glow.

5. Use Lotion Every time You Tan.
If you are starting with little or no tan, try an accelerator. It is our most advanced lotion for beginner tanners, with no DHA bronzers. Continue your tanning regime with the most advanced bronzing lotions for darker, longer lasting color.

6. Try the Level 2 and 3 Tanning units to maintain an existing tan.
A High Pressure Tanning unit can get you darker and maintain an existing base tan. One session a week will help you continue your tan.

7. Rely on the expertise of your SunCare consultant.
The professionals at SunCare are trained to help you get tan you desire. Let them know your skin type and goals, and they’ll help you choose the lotions and equipment that best meets your needs.

8.Do Not Over tan your skin.

At SunCare our staff is trained to help each customer achieve a safe tan. New customers will not be permitted to tan for the full length of time in any level bed. Starting with small minutes with a consistent pace (every-other day for first week) then visiting 2-3 times per week makes maintaining a tan is much easier. Having a base before a vacation or outdoor event will significantly reduce your chances of burning.