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Mystic Tips

Tips from the Pros

  • No appointment necessary, only takes 15 minutes. Just come in properly prepared.

  • Properly prepare your skin for a Mystic Spray Tan before visiting the salon; shower and shave. Come in with clean skin. We recommend using a non-moisturizing soap.

  • DO NOT apply oil or lotion before Mystic Tan.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes to salon and after your spray tan session to give your skin air to breath and to help the mystic develop.

  • Moisturize with a water-based lotion 2-4 hours AFTER your session. A water-based lotion has water as the first ingredient.

  • Stay completely dry for 8-10 hours after your spray tan to ensure proper development.

  • Try Mystic more than once. They can be customized to fit your desires, so you may have to try once or twice to find your perfect mystic blend.

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