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Hydration Station Offers Clean, Conditioned, Radiant Skin

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This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creates a single blended energy force through the harmonization of radiant heat and steam. The result is naturally cleansed, conditioned, radiant skin.

Liquid Vitamins
Every Hydration Station session includes the use of Oxygen Science Concentrates to drench the body in a delightful oxyhydrating moisturization bath. Every Hydration Station experience includes a specific blend of topical liquid vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, aloe vera and other skin nourishing ingredients. Oxygen Science Concentrates are specifically formulated for tanners and dramatically improve your skin texture and tonality. Choose a customized skincare experience.  The Hydration Station prepares your skin for the absorption of these advanced ingredients and the end result is revitalized skin! Active ingredients include: CoQ10, Hylauronic Acid, Aloe Vera,Vitamins A, E and C, Plant Collagen and Elastin, Green Tea Extract, and more.

  • Mineral Melanin Concentrate - A tropical boost with coconut and tangerine. Contains: Malachite (Copper) Extract, Green Tea Extract, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils.
  • Aloe Concentrate - A soothing blend of cooling aloe, cucumber and melon. Contains: Aloe Vera, Copper, Algae Extract, and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils.
  • E and C Concentrate - An energizing blend of oils derived from vitamin-rich citrus fruit. Contains: Tocopherol (Vitamin E), L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils.
  • CoQ Contour Concentrate- A refreshing and invigoration blend of pomegranate and white tea extracts. Ingredients include; coffee Arabica bean extract, Co Enzyme Q10. Vitamins A and C and green tea extract.

LED Color Spectrum Lights
Each of Hydration Station’s pre-set programs feature a different Colorbath™ with random color changes and multicolor cross fades consisting of all the colors of the spectrum, from soothing and relaxing, to balancing and energizing. Six (6) chromatic lights; Red, blue, green, turquoise, violet, and yellow are strategically located above the body in the Hydration Station. The color is emanated over the entire body, not just the eyes, so that the various wavelengths can be directed to all areas of the body for the ultimate revitalizing rainbow.

Vibratory Massage
The Hydration Station™ System features a convenient and effective motorized vibratory bed. The pre-set programs cycle between continuous vibration or pulsating vibration, and this feature is adjustable via the LCD Control Screen. Individual variable vibration motors allow for customized pulse rhythms from rapid strokes to long waves. This component creates an enjoyable and stress reducing environment for users.

Cool Facial Air
Refreshing room temperature air is directed across your face, keeping your head cool and refreshed at all times. This air keeps you comfortable and free from feeling claustrophobic during a session. This feature is adjustable and controlled by the LCD control panel for your convenience and comfort.
Steam-Responsible for Skin Conditioning
With every Hydration Station experience the skin is transformed by the powerful properties of dense steam. As the radiant heat stimulates the skin, steam becomes a natural cleanser preparing it for greater product penetration and absorption while balancing the pH and replenishing moisture. The result is clean, balanced, hydrated, vibrant skin ideally prepared for melanin activation and/or DHA absorption